Everyday Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well

A work from home job sometimes gets a bad rap. Not in the sense that the situation could be bad, after all, who could argue with not having to commute or deal with office drama? Instead, sometimes people don’t like the idea of self-employment or starting abusiness which can be performed from their own dwelling because they believe that these positions are only for those with extraordinary skills or exceptional backgrounds.The fact is, anyone can this kind of work regardless of their skill set or background. Not only that, but almost anyone can make a decent living doing so. I’m looking directly at you as I write this.Freelance writerOne such job is freelance writing. A freelance writer has a wide range of definitions, but studies show that regardless of what kind of professional writing you are doing, after about a year or so you can be making over $40,000.In addition, freelance writing is something that nearly all of us are qualified to do, not only because we all had to go through English in school, but also because the field is so varied. Meaning, you don’t have to be an expert in creative or technical matters. Because of the variety of companies needing your words, you can simply pick the ones which seek copy on the subjects you know most about.Medical transcriptionistAs our healthcare system continues to grow, medical transcriptionists are more in demand. According to Forbes magazine, salaries for this job opportunity can start anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000. In addition, some companies offer healthy signing bonuses.So, what does it take to become a medical transcriptionist? Well, depending on the company you work for, it can be simply a matter of having a two-year degree. Other companies don’t even require this, but they do require at least some previous experience. This is all to say that for such a decent paying work from home job there are no extraordinary prerequisites.Tax preparerA tax preparer could be considered even more of an everyday job than a medical transcriptionist as it can take even less effort to become one. With an accreditation that can be earned in less than six months, you can be doing this joband making up to $5,000 a month as a tax preparer. A few sources site pay rates that are even higher than that.

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