Getting Traffic With Online Video Marketing

Okay, so if you’re new to video marketing and want to get to the top of Google and start attracting loads of traffic back to your website, then this is an essential checklist for you. If you only implement half of what I teach you here, you’ll probably still do very well.

1) Do some keyword research for your niche. Either go to Google Keyword Analyzer or Wordtracker and find out what keywords and phrases are going to produce you high levels of traffic, plus are not extremely competitive. It’s all about the long tail here – search longtail to find out more.

2) Once you’ve got 10 keywords that you want to rank for and will be profitable, then get interviewed by someone (anyone), asking you questions with these keywords and key phrases within the question. Ask and answer all 10 questions in one take (making sure you get lighting and audio recorded to a reasonable standard – flip camera quality is fine).

3) Once you’ve got the interview file, break it into 10 different files where you answer each question. Make sure each video file is saved in the keywords you’re optimizing.

4) Add in your url (website name) into the video (easy done using something like iMovie or MovieMaker). Your videos will be distributed around the web over time by others and if you’ve got your URL in, they’ll always know where to find out more.

5) When you’re editing the video, at the end, have you saying or have a still screen asking people to rate, comment, like and share your video. We’ll come on to this later.

6) Sign up to TubeMogul and others such as HeySpread and get those videos out there! You should be able to sign up to 15-20 different video sharing sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion etc. Think about your keywords in your title, description and tags. Make sure you include them and also add in your url (with http://) in the description part of the video as this will mean it’ll turn into a link back to your website (it is a nofollow link for all your SEO junkies!). Another point, make sure you add the word “video” into your title – it’ll show up on Google quicker as Google will recognise it as a video.

On a side note, Google cannot read video just yet (it’s doing it’s best), so it has to go on your text your have with your videos (title, description and tags).

7) You can always repurpose the video and turn it into audio and transcribe it too for more traffic around the web. PixelPipe is great for this. If you backlink to a video all the better as Google loves this! We’ll touch on this more shortly.

8) Once you’ve got your videos up, check back every day or so to see how they’re performing on Google’s first page. If you see a YouTube video come up, now’s the time to take action. Get your community to comment, rate, share and like your top ranking video as much as possible. If you ask people to interact on more than one video, they won’t. Instead, work out which video Google has liked the most and then get all your mates, friends and online community to interact on that video specifically. (BTW – the reason I go for YouTube videos over others is that Google owns YouTube and I can imagine they will be future proof, Google might change some rules, but it’ll keep YouTube in the loop whereas other video hosting sites may not be so lucky). Make sure if someone comments, you thank them and maybe even personally via Facebook – being kind is cool and it’ll build your community even further.

9) If you don’t have a community here is a clever tactic. Go and find all the big competitors you have in YouTube for your niche. Look at their comments and see the people there. Connect with the people that comment and build relationships with them. Comment on their videos and soon enough they’ll start commenting on yours, especially when you are giving amazing content and they’ve subscribed to you.

10) Get active on twitter and Facebook plus other social media sites and post your best video there and ask for people to comment and share.

11) If you have a blog, make sure you get your video embedded there and transcribe the video underneath and also have a link back to your video. Again, the link itself should have the keywords inserted. Never do autoplay (1, because it’s not cool, but also does not count as a view).

12) I have a large database and will every now and again ask them to go to my YouTube video to rate, comment and interact. It does wonders for your video.

13) Write articles about the same topic on EzineArticles and link back to the video.

14) If you are lucky, you’ll get an awesome thumbnail for your video. On YouTube, you get a choice of 3. The best thing is to choose one where you’re mid speech of pointing somewhere. The reason being is that there is almost an energy we see on the video that needs to be let free. For example, if we can see someone is opening up a box but we cannot see inside just yet, we are bound to press play. You see how that works? Think about what is most clickable for a viewer. The worst would be to have a screen shot of a boring presentation slide. I’m not watching!

15) Something that has been a relatively new introduction from YouTube is annotations. This is where a link will pop up in the video that will link somewhere else in YouTube. This is great for viewer retention, but also all the video that I have annotated have ranked more highly. This is probably due to Google considering annotations as a good thing.

16) Keep adding awesome content on a regular basis to your YouTube channel as this will show Google and YouTube that you are here to stay and are always

17) IMPORTANT STEP FOR FUTURE PROOFING YOUR VIDEO: Go to many dofollow sites (search this on Google) and when you find relevant places, add a backlink to your video. Google will recognize this and rank your video much higher. This will blow the competition out of the water if you get a few of these going.

18) It’s a good thing to give people incentives to engage with your videos. Make them leave comments and if they do, what will you do for them?

19) Remember video works much like SEO – you want relevant keywords and phrases, back links, an active community and regular content. The great thing is that it’s 50 times easier to get on the first page of Google with video than traditional text. Staying there is the real goal.

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Everyday Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well

A work from home job sometimes gets a bad rap. Not in the sense that the situation could be bad, after all, who could argue with not having to commute or deal with office drama? Instead, sometimes people don’t like the idea of self-employment or starting abusiness which can be performed from their own dwelling because they believe that these positions are only for those with extraordinary skills or exceptional backgrounds.The fact is, anyone can this kind of work regardless of their skill set or background. Not only that, but almost anyone can make a decent living doing so. I’m looking directly at you as I write this.Freelance writerOne such job is freelance writing. A freelance writer has a wide range of definitions, but studies show that regardless of what kind of professional writing you are doing, after about a year or so you can be making over $40,000.In addition, freelance writing is something that nearly all of us are qualified to do, not only because we all had to go through English in school, but also because the field is so varied. Meaning, you don’t have to be an expert in creative or technical matters. Because of the variety of companies needing your words, you can simply pick the ones which seek copy on the subjects you know most about.Medical transcriptionistAs our healthcare system continues to grow, medical transcriptionists are more in demand. According to Forbes magazine, salaries for this job opportunity can start anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000. In addition, some companies offer healthy signing bonuses.So, what does it take to become a medical transcriptionist? Well, depending on the company you work for, it can be simply a matter of having a two-year degree. Other companies don’t even require this, but they do require at least some previous experience. This is all to say that for such a decent paying work from home job there are no extraordinary prerequisites.Tax preparerA tax preparer could be considered even more of an everyday job than a medical transcriptionist as it can take even less effort to become one. With an accreditation that can be earned in less than six months, you can be doing this joband making up to $5,000 a month as a tax preparer. A few sources site pay rates that are even higher than that.

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Weight Loss Quick Tips – 4 Health and Fitness Tips We Should All Live By

When it boils down to it we all need to adopt healthy habits. Obesity is a serious problem. Especially in the Westernized world. More and more people are being declared obese by their doctors. Of course this opens the door for the big pharmaceutical companies to come up with new pills, powders and shakes that will supposedly help you shed a million pounds overnight. None of these magic pills and potions work.It’s time we all start taking responsibility for ourselves and take our health more seriously. Far too many people are dying due to obesity related diseases. It has to stop. Here are 4 very simple health and fitness tips we should all start living by.Health & Fitness Tip #1 – Start Drinking More WaterWater is extremely important to your overall health. Not only does it keep you hydrated and ensure your vital organs continue to function and operate, but it also help you lose weight by ridding your body of toxins and excess fat. Too many of us are borderline dehydrated. That means our bodies are basically working overtime trying to flush out all the toxins and junk. So drink more water. It does a body good.Health & Fitness Tip #2 – Eat More Often Throughout The DayWhen it comes to losing weight and getting in shape you want to eat more and not less. I know this sounds counter intuitive but hear me out. Most of use grew up on the whole eat 3 square meals a day bit. And while that isn’t bad advice, it also isn’t the best advice when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape.If you truly want to lose weight you will need to up the number of times you eat during the day. Notice I didn’t say up the amount of food you eat. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day you should eat 5 or 6 small meals. By doing this you will rev up your metabolism and cause your body to burn more calories all throughout the day. So start the day off with a nice healthy breakfast. This will help set the tone and get your body ready to burn the fat.Health & Fitness Tip #3 – Get Out And Get Some ExerciseSomething as simple as a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood will have a profound affect on your health. By getting regular exercise you will keep your heart and your joints strong. You will also prevent certain diseases from occurring. If you are currently out of shape just start off with something simple. Next time you have the option to take the elevator or the stairs, choose the stairs.Next time you go to the grocery store park as far back as you can. Don’t ride around looking for a close spot. Park far in the back so you can get a little exercise in. You don’t need to join a gym and pay a monthly fee to get exercise on a daily basis. Just be creative and most importantly have fun. Run around with the kids or play a game on the kinect with them. Anything that gets you moving is a good idea.Health & Fitness Tip #4 – Find A Way To Stay MotivatedLosing weight and getting in shape is not easy. Especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. That’s why it is very important that you find ways to keep yourself motivated and on track. The first thing you should do to stay motivated is determine your “why”. Why do you want to lose the weight and get in shape? Do you want to make sure you around to see your grandkids grow up?What is your “why”? Make sure it is big enough to keep you going during the rough patches. You should also consider getting a workout buddy. Having someone there to hold you accountable is a great motivator.

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